"I was experiencing some health issues and needed to make changes to my lifestyle that included exercise and diet. Ronda Henson’s excellent coaching skills along with her extensive knowledge of personal health enabled me to reach my goals. As a coach Ronda was my accountability partner and provided me the inspiration to stay on track to reach my goals. In addition, she also provided me valuable knowledge by explaining the process of attaining my health goals in a terminology I could easily understand. In the past I have made numerous attempts to achieve personal health goals with no success  but with Ronda's help I was able to successfully make changes to my lifestyle that continues to provide benefits for me on a continuous basis."

Donald L. Jirkovsky, Victoria , TX

"Ronda used The Wheel of Life as the primary tool during our coaching session, to help me reflect upon how I am doing in 8 key areas of life. This candid interaction was certainly helpful, and I liked how Ronda used her skills to help me find my own answers to many challenges."

 Tejas K. Gohokar, Austin, TX




ELI: Energetic Leadership Index "In the Moment" Perception and Corresponding Reaction or Response....
DISC: Management Style and Marker of Stress due to Behavioral Shifts
Performance Evaluation: Measure Weight, Strength, Cardiovascular Capacity, and  Flexibility
iPEC Value Assessment: Indicator and Barometer of Belief System


Less Stress: Sense of Control as opposed to the Effects of Circumstances
Increased Productivity: Enhanced Focus, Clarity, and Energy
Increased Self: Confidence Heightened Level of Engagement with Objectivity
Improved Quality of Sleep: Extended Delta Cycle

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