My name is Ronda Henson and I am a certified professional iPEC coach and the founder of Olympic Level Coaching, an Austin area based coaching and consulting firm providing services in executive, group and personal advancement.

My approach is based upon the concept of empowering my clients to achieve new levels of success, fulfillment, and health.

I specialize in working with CEOs, Fortune 100 professionals, elite athletes, and goal-driven individuals who want to maximize their professional and personal effectiveness. My philosophy embraces the idea that each area of our life is intrinsically linked and is  influenced by other aspects of the complex equation we call “Life.”  One area is not truly independent of the other, but merely an extension that may either enhance or detract from the other.  

Conscious decisions that we make regarding our lifestyle and health directly impact our level of productivity, thus our success, and consequential our fulfillment.  Conversely, our choices relating to our professional advancement may be detrimental to our long term health.  Sustainable success, vitality, and fulfillment require a delicate balance in the personal / professional arena.

I coach my clients to achieve a balance between a healthy life and a powerful career, so they have the ability to be at the top of their game, in all areas of their lives.  Our coaching partnership will be a safe and constructive place for you to explore, practice and reinforce new empowering beliefs and behaviors.

My experience is varied. I majored in Manufacturing / Mechanical Engineering and contributed to my scholarship funding by becoming a certified personal trainer.  Throughout my professional career, I continued to study and refine my behavioral and nutritional studies.  My certifications vary from Health Coaching to Personal Coaching, and various assessment tools. I have competed in marathons and in triathlons, raised children and mentored youth organizations. 

My goal is to challenge you and to support you in achieving new levels of success and fulfillment. I bring great vigor and passion to my work.  My style is direct, honest, insightful, lively, and compassionate.  I will support your goals and will encourage you to view events from several perspectives.  Our objectivity provides insight to our solutions.

Feel comfortable contacting me to discuss how I may be able to help you achieve your goals.


BS (Mechanical Engineer)
CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
CHC (Certified Health Coach)
ELI- MP (Energy Leadership Master Practitioner) 
CPC (Certified Professional Coach)

Time heals wounds, for we change and adapt ; we are no longer the same person, but stronger from the experience.
— Ronda Henson

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